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Greetings everyone and welcome to the Broskees family! If you’re reading this, please know that I am very excited to have you here. Many of you have overwhelmed me with an incredible amount of love and appreciation for the art and our project as a whole; this means the world to me and words can not express my gratitude. I have poured my heart and soul into this project and having people resonate with my work is a dream come true.

Growing up as an artist kid in a 3rd world country, I didn’t really get a chance to express myself much creatively. I, like many others around me, was told to stick to a certain mold and the idea of making it big in art and design was frowned upon. As a result, I shut myself off from the world and took refuge in video games, comic books and lego building sets. As time passed and I grew up, I gained more confidence; and the wonderful things I would hide behind became a strength.

I began to express myself more and with the help of the wonderful like minded people around me, I managed to kickstart my career in art. A decade later, I have managed to accomplish a great deal. As a creator, I have designed comics, children’s books and even video games. I have dabbled in production and produced music videos and short films; producing hundreds of hours of digital content. I have had multiple successful startups; raising millions of dollars and dedicating my efforts to create jobs for others who, like me, were shunned from society for wanting to follow their passions.

It all led me here, to all of you and to our incredible community. The Broskees NFT project is filled with great promise and potential and encapsulates everything that makes me who I am. From everything I loved as a geeky child to everything that I love as a seasoned nerdy adult. From comic books, superheroes and Gunpla, to food, travel and technology; it has all influenced my artistic expression. My drawing style is a fusion of comic book style linework and typical, “big head”, caricature styled anatomy (I know, I am weird … haha).

My use of pastel colors sends me down memory lane; reminiscent of the days and countless hours I spent working in digital agencies. The characters I bring to life are a blend of all the wacky ideas I have derived from my observations of fashion, food and pop culture. With all of this in mind, I hope you fall in love with the world I have created and continue to create as much as I have. I hope that you have a great time being a part of this creative experience and this beautiful community.

BROSKEES NFT’s: Community, Sustainability and Innovation


It all began in Pakistan when a dude named YarRamish began educating his community about NFTs and enabling them to move towards financial freedom. Providing continuous high quality content became a mantra and has continued for over the past few months. A little alpha community started developing around him and everyday, more people wanted to join the adventure. It was a new world, an exciting and innovative frontier and curious netizens gathered in YarRamish’s alpha community. However, amidst this journey came disappointment, loss and a great deal of frustration. During his Youtube analysis of NFTs and his exposure to its budding ecosystem, Ramish fell victim to disappointing big promises and slow rugs from project founders raking in millions of dollars and never building anything real for their communities. And it was from this frustrating and helpless circumstance, that BROSKEES began to form. Oftentimes it is at our lowest point, where beauty, innovation and the best of ideas sprout forth. The mission became clear: developing a brand dedicated towards doing things differently, adding constant value and sustainability to the process and enabling the community to make better financial decisions in the NFT space. This is our genesis story, our plight and we are determined to bring it to fruition.


The Broskees collection consists of 1691 carefully crafted NFTs. Each NFT represents a unique and distinct personality of its own, as perceived by Ramish Safa’s interpretation of the world and his individual life experiences. These are not just PFP NFTs. These NFTs represent a belief system, a philosophy if you will; a dedication towards education, generosity, compassion and community collaboration. This is our mission and promise to our community.

Each NFT serves as an ACCESS PASS membership to our closed discord and its vibrant community. Each holder will be eligible to participate in our BFF program. The “BROWARDS FREQUENT FLYER” benefits program aimed at providing our members with tangible “BROWARDS” across both a short and long term time horizon. We aren’t going anywhere and plan to be here for a long time!

Some of the benefits we plan to include (but not limited to) are as follows:

i) Development of NFT utility mechanics (staking, utility token, etc.)

ii) Completion of our amazing SISKEES collection

iii) Excellent ALPHA ROOM analytics

iv) Broskees Academy

v) Broskees Accelerator & Incubator Program

vi) Browards Frequent Flyer benefits program (BFF)

The above represents only a fraction of what we are looking to accomplish. However, it is important to us that we never commit to anything without carefully analyzing everything beforehand and making sure we can deliver. We rather underpromise and later surprise our members, than overpromise and fall short of expectations.

We will be providing more granular detail regarding all of the above as these deliverables enter their final stages. We are open to suggestion, feedback, insights, etc. from our community and plan to create an interactive experience whereby we (the team and the community) contribute to the growth and prosperity of the BROSKEES brand.

It is also important that we have fun while doing all of this! We want to provide a forum for creativity and innovation while never losing sight of the fact that this experience should be entertaining and enjoyable for all of our participants. In summary, maximizing value is our top priority and we have assembled an exceptionally talented team dedicated to executing our vision and advancing innovation; all for the benefit of the BROSKEES brand, our community and its members.


In order to achieve our ambitions, we decided it best to go back to basics. Our “Jerry Maguire” moment if you will (don’t know the movie reference? No worries). The essence of this reference revolves around the simple notion of “quality over quantity” and the development of strong relationships with our community members.

Establishing a tight knit community where we can interact with one another and learn from one another was of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we decided on a smaller mint and a smaller “gated” community; allowing us to get to know our members and our members to get to know us.

Some think we should have done things differently. “Open up your room to tens of thousands of people”, some said. “Increase your NFT count so you can sell more and maximize your profits!”, others exclaimed! At the end of the day, it’s all about the FOMO, right??

To the dismay of those who feel this way, that is NOT what BROSKEES is about. Our focus is on quality and not quantity. We strongly believe that in many aspects of life “less is often more”. Our aim is to build a BRAND, not an NFT project. We simply chose the NFT space as the vehicle by which this BRAND would be introduced into the world.

We recognize aloud that this endeavor is a marathon and not a sprint!

The mint is only the beginning and the future is filled with great potential and together “WAGMI”!

Thank you to all of you who have supported us thus far. We are grateful beyond words. We appreciate you, we appreciate your time and your dedication to the furtherment and growth of the BROSKEES brand.

Respectfully yours,




Broskees NFT

A collection of 1691 cool characters that serve as an NFT pass for wonderful things in our ecosystem.